Discovered seven new genes linked to obesity

ROME – An international research team has identified seven new genes linked to obesity. Scientists coordinated by Uppsala University, reports the Nature Genetics journal, also showed that the genetic mechanism that causes extreme obesity is the same at the base of that mild and overweight. In the study were included over 260,000 people of which… Read More »

With viral gene “off” the human body can defeat HIV

New target for drug development against viruses. ROME – Human cells have an inherent ability to destroy HIV. However, the AIDS virus has evolved to such an extent as to contain a gene that blocks this prerogative. But when this gene is removed from the virus, the human immune system fails again to destroy HIV,… Read More »

Spring sore: the change of season brings ailments

This winter seems unwilling to give up, but the change of season with the arrival of spring, even from a meteorological point of view and not just on the calendar, could bring a few more trail of influence with adjacent evils: they are in fact many Italians who suffer of these typical seasonal disorder is… Read More »